Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review Format for Ribs and Brisket

In order to effectively review Barbecue Restaurants and do our best to avoid personal preference and biases, we will rate spare ribs and brisket on a 1-10 scale on the following attributes:

  • Tenderness/Bite:  Contrary to popular belief, "fall off the bone" is not the definitive level of tenderness for barbecue.  The meat should easily pull apart but it should not be mushy.
  • Juiciness: The barbecue should have a healthy amount of rendered fat without being excessively greasy.
  • Smoke Flavor: The meat should have an appropriate level of smoke flavor but it should not mask the other flavors or be so excessive that bitterness is tasted.
  • Meat Flavor: The flavor of the meat should not be entirely covered by the extra flavors (smoked, rub, etc..) at play.  The quality of the cut of meat will play into this rating.
  • Bark/Rub: Barks should form a flavorful crust without being too crunchy, tough, or burnt.
  • Sauce: Sauce should compliment and not define the barbecue.  Attention will be given to review a particular sauce within its style (sweet, vinegary, ketchup based, hot, thin, etc...) to avoid personal preference.

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  1. We will also be reviewing sausage although not quite so scientifically. We will indicate whether it is a dry or moist suasage. A dry sausage is prepared to be dry which differs from a sausage that is just overcooked and has become dry. We will judge flavor, aroma, texture, and variety.

    Each reviewer will make his own comments and overall evaluation and then we will rate as a group.

    Our first stop is Viteks. Watch for our first review soon.